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I'm not sure if I said this before but: THERE IS NO STRATEGY GUIDE FOR THIS GAME. At least, not one that's buyable. So I am taking it upon myself to create tips, tricks and tell people of glitches to make the game easier for them.

In this game, you can marry people, but ONLY AFTER you beat the main story.

After you beat the main story, you can decide to play as the girl or keep playing as the guy.

Sonja (Main character)
Makoto (you'll learn how after the main story)

Aiden (Main character)

IMPORTANT: The marryable people I just named off are key characters in this game and NOT JUST because you can marry them. It is EXTREMELY important you increase your friendship level with everyone in these lists (EXCEPT Aiden and Sonja) to level 6. Why?
Because, by getting your friendship level with the aforementioned people up to level 6, they will count as extra lives against the final boss of the game.
Rune Factory: Tides Of Destiny: Friendship level
If you have any questions, feel free to either go to message boards, look up YouTube videos or simply ask me if you like. :)
IMPORTANT: In order to make REALLY POWERFUL items in this game you need a couple of things:
1. Upgrade your house once.
2. Buy a master forge.
3. Buy a master workbench.

You can do this whenever there is a holiday. Just look at the top right of your screen.
If you have been following my Easy Money submission, this should not be a problem. Just go to the square where the church is and you will see this gazeebo thing. Go see James and buy from him. James has long blond hair, blue eyes, is SUPER nice, is obssessed with his sister Elena and wears a tattered steam punk top hat.
EDIT: If you want to be careful of the gold you have, wait until there is a sale going on. The sales go anywhere from 10-30% off.

IMPORTANT: For the BEST POSSIBLE QUALITY of the armor/weapon you want to make, make sure there is a yellow star on the top left of it. This means you get double the attack/defense of the item you make. The EASIEST way to do this is to use star quality ingredients but this is hard to get. YOU CAN create a star quality item WITH NON-star quality ingredients but it is hard. I recommend you save your game BEFORE attempting this. That way if the item doesn't come out as star quality, just go to your diary/journal and reload. Repeat until you forge/craft a star quality item.

    In Rune Factory: Tides Of Destiny, in order to beat tougher bosses, you need stronger weapons and armor, like in all RPGs. In order for you to get the most powerful weapons and armor available in the game, you need to make them yourselves. In order for you to do that, you need:

1. The 'recipies' on how to make them. You get these by doing requests posted up on the board at the Three Sisters Inn.

2. To the right of the item you wish to make, you will see a number. This number is the level your forging/crafting skill needs to be at to make said item.

3. You can level grind your forging (weapon making) level by going to the blacksmith's shop and buying as much iron as you can (99, ALL items you can carry in the game you can carry a MAX of 99 for). Choose crafting the Zwiehander, two-handed sword. It only requires a level of 5 to make So you can grind your forging level with the zwiehander.

4. To get the most powerful armor available, again, you need to do requests until you are given Crafting Recipies (Level S, just like Forging recipies Level S). The first thing you want to do is go to the general store and buy 99 small fleece and 99 balls of yarn (purple balls, NO, NOT a sex joke). This is expensive, BUT, if you look on my Easy Money submission, this should not be an issue. Go to your house and make a Handknit Hat. You need a crafting level of 8 to make it. Once you grind your crafting level to level 30, ONLY buy the yarn balls. THIS time start making a Handknit Scarfs. You can get 700 gold back for this, MORE if they are in demand. Grind your crafting level from here out with the Handknit Scarf.

IMPORTANT: The game will tell you that you need multiple of the same item to create the item you want. NO YOU DO NOT! I am an avid fan of this game and have been playing it for quite some time. I can tell you, you only need ONE, count them, ONE of each item to make what you want. Ignore the amount they show you. As long as you have ONE of each ingredient you need, as long as your forging/crafting level are on par with the level required, you should not have any problems.
Rune Factory: Tides Of Destiny: weapons and armor
I know I haven't been doing this lately and that is because I only have one year of classes left so I'm focusing on these last two semesters. So these will be coming slowly. I hope you all understand.
My Playstation 3 died on me a few days ago! :(
I had the 500gb super slim. I was right in the middle of playing Sims 3 and the ENTIRE system turned off on me. I unplugged the power cord then put it back in. The red "off" light came on. I pressed it and it started for 5 seconds then the whole system shut off again. I think it's safe to say it is dead.

People have told me to buy a new console from Walmart. They say they they honor their warranties, not because they care about their customers, but because they want you to shop there again. I was told Walmart will simply replace your console.

Is there anyone here who bought their PS3s from Walmart? Could you please tell me what the experience was like?
I want to get a feel for if I should buy a new PS3 from Walmart or not.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
    Game reviews exist to protect consumers from poor and unscrupulous buisness practices. Seeing innocent gamers get suckered into buying crappy games and falling for b.s. business practices really makes me angry. This is a list of companies that I feel are the absolute worst of the worst!

5: CAPCOM- Before anyone throws acid in my face for this, I LOVE CAPCOM! I grew up on their games! But lately, they have been making some poor choices that have put their financial situation in the red. First was the release of the dreadful Resident evil 6 and Operation Raccoon City. BOTH of those games were terrible, just look up reviews on it. If you find a positive one, their either a die hard fan or lying to you. The other thing CAPCOM has been starting to do is charge people for testing beta versions of games. Not only this but they seem to be acting like they know better than their fan base. I love CAPCOM but sometimes a company just needs some tough love to get them on the right track.

4: EA- ANYBODY who knows ANYTHING about EA knowswhat they have been doing. I don't think I need to say much more.

3: GEARBOX- UGH! With the failures of "games" they released, i.e. Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines, it's no wonder GEARBOX Software found its way onto this list. Several class-action lawsuits were filed against both GEARBOX AND SEGA for the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Screen tearing, multiple bits of frame rate lost, brain-dead enemies and no respect for the Xenomorphs. Do yourselves a favor and NEVER pick up Duke Nukem Forever OR Aliens: Colonial Marines!

2: Infinity Ward- It probably comes as a shocker to some of you that these f**ktards aren't number one on this list. Everybody with taste in gaming knows how horrible their Call Of Duty franchise has become. They are basically a smaller version of EA. They don't care about you, their fan base, all they care about is your money. Don't like their games or have a problem with them? F**k you! Give us your money! You get what we give you! I found a gaming company that is much MUCH worse than Infinity Ward!

1: Crytek- Anybody who works for this company should be sued into oblivion and be forbidden to EVER touch video games EVER again! This company is infamous for their Crysis "games". If you own a Xbox360, PS3 or are a PC gamer, save your money and NEVER buy these games. These atrocities are so poorly made they are nearly unbeatable. Even with walkthroughs and help, these games are still way too hard! There are three gamesin total and the second one is the worst one of them all. This company has shown that they are complete amatuers and have no idea how games are supposed to be made! Don't you mother f**kers DARE EVER make another Crysis game! You've been warned!
Worst gaming companies EVER
I am SO tired of video game companies producing garbage and expect us to buy it!
    There is no comedian on this planet who could compare to the genius of Robin Williams! Unlike other comedians, Robin Williams could think up of something funny almost instantly, on the spot.He was the star in many movies, mostly comedies, but some serious ones. Most famous are:

Mrs. Doubtfire
Genie on the Alladin movies
Good Morning Vietnam
The Birdcage
Goodwill Hunting
Worlds Greatest Dad

And so many more, those were just some of my personal favorites.
Robin Williams was my childhood hero and I broke down crying when I saw the news report!
We really lost someone very special, this man touched our lives and we didn't even have to meet him face-to-face!
He was a genius, and one hell of a man!
Rest In Piece Robin Williams, you may be gone but you will NEVER and I mean N.E.V.E.R. be forgotten!

I am keeping this up as kind of a "memorial" submission.
If anyone wants to say anything, you know what to do!
Robin Williams: 1951-2014
A sad goodbye to a comedic genius! A SERIOUS blow to EVERYBODY!


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