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"Mirror's Edge 2 should have a different control scheme for women only so it is easier for women to play" -- Anita Sarkeesian

That right there is sexist. That right there is a claim that women are too stupid to know how to play video games.
Anita Sarkeesian claims to be feminist but is actually a sexist. She is more sexist towards her own gender than she is towards men.

All you have to do is a Google search to look at her track record. She is literally the most vilified woman....possibly in the world. EVERYONE, bothe women and men hate her.

Check it out:
This is just something for myself and other players of this game.
I'm posting this up so that when the semester is over for me, I can look at it and get all the trophies I can.
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Synthesis guide
This is something for myself and other players of this game.
I went through my profile and I think I deleted my Surrogate Angel series from my profile.
I think they still exist somewhere in the Impreg-nation group.
So instead what I'm going to do is do a redacted version of all of the ones I did, starting with the first one. Look forward to it.
Ok for this boss it's pretty much the same as the Earth Shrine Boss, only SLIGHTLY trickier.
This boss is called the "Crabtron" or something like that, it's basically a huge crab with a cannon strapped to its shell. There are two attacks of his you MUST avoid AT ALL COSTS. The FIRST of his attacks is his one-hit-kill move. Believe it or not, this move, unlike the Erth Shrine boss's is EASY to avoid. He shoots bubbles out of his mouth but they don't travel far from him. Once you see him shoot bubbles out, just make sure you stay away from him until they pop and you'll be fine. The other of his attacks that's harder to avoid is his missile attack. Every once in a while he'll rear up on his hind legs and shoot a salvo of missiles at you. The only way I can think of to avoid this is to jump while running around the arena.

Other than this, just make sure you've upgraded your armor and weapons as high as you can.
The weapon you want to use in this fight is called the "Hell Branch".
The Hell Branch is a magic staff that basically hits your opponent three times in one attack.
The Hell Branch requires:
1 Fire Crystal (4,000 gold at the blacksmith)
2 magic powder (You can get it from Joe at 8 p.m. on summer 19 at the gazeebo thing where the church is)
3 Ruby (the treasure chests on the third floor of the Earth Shrine occasionally drop them)
4 Thin Stick (can buy at the black smith)

If you've been following my easy money submission, this shouldn't be a problem for you.


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