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This guy is a royal pain in the @$$! The Oblitergator is much tougher than the other shrine bosses! If you've been following my guides for building powerful armor and weapons, this guy shouldn't give you much issue.
Oblitergator is pretty much the same as the other shrine bosses, you just have to study their attack patterns and the signs for their attacks and you'll do fine. With Oblitergator, DO NOT USE SWORDS OR SPEARS! If you use swords or spears, he will destroy you! Instead, craft the Hell Branch magic staff (again, you only need ONE of each ingredient and you MUST be either close or exactly at the appropriate forging level!). The Hell branch is weaker than the other staffs but it's better for this boss fight because every time you attack with it, the Hell Branch hits your opponent three times in a single attack. Just run along the outside of the ring and wait for an opportunity to attack. BE PATIENT and you'll beat this pain in the neck for a boss!
Rune Factory: TOD: Water Shrine Boss
Do exactly as I say and you'll be fine in this fight!
Maybe it's the Fireball Whiskey talking but I am fucking done with women. Every time I try to flirt with a girl it turns out she's too fucking young for me. Either they are too young, already taken or not interested. I've come to the conclusion that I am undesirable, unwantable. I may as well just get myself a hooker and fuck her then move on with my life!
And no, fucking don't tell me "There's someone out there for you" because that's bullshit! That couldn't be further from the truth. Don't insult my intelligence by feeding me some horse shit about someone who is meant for me being out there because there isn't. That's just something people with boyfriends/girlfriends tell losers who couldn't get a boyfriend/girlfriend to save their life.
Fuck romance and fuck the world! I am living for myself, my friends (the few that I have) and no one else!
We ALL want to get the Ultima Weapon. But a lot of the videos on it are not 100% accurate. They miscount the number of items you need to get the Ultima Weapon. So I put myself through torture to find out EXACTLY how many of each item you need. There are a total of 30 items you need to synthesize (NOT INCLUDING THE ULTIMA WEAPON) BEFORE you get the Ultima Weapon. The items in this list are the ACTUAL number of each item you need for every synthesis item INCLUDING the Ultima Weapon.

This is how it is set up: Item: (enemy that drops it) (Where the enemy can be found)
Anything with a * on it means there is an easier way to get the item from that enemy.

Mythril: 13 (found in chests throughout the game but can synthesize)
Mythril Shard: 12 (Pot Spider) (Agrabah)
Mythril Stone: 5 (Pot Scorpion) (Agrabah: Palace Gates) *
Serenity Power: 7 (Pink Agaricus) (Deep Jungle: Treehouse)
Power Stone: 2 (Sniperwild) (Traverse Town: Second District)
Fury Stone: 2 (Gigas Shadow) (Wonderland: Bizarre Room)
Stormy Stone: 4 (Neo shadow) (End Of The World: Linked Worlds)
Lightning Stone: 2 (Black Ballade) (Deep Jungle: Bamboo Thicket)
Frost Stone: 4 (Grand Ghost) (Monstro: Stomach)
Blazing Stone: 4 (Chimaera) (Halloween Towm: Manor Ruins)
Dazzling Stone: 1 (Jet Balloon) (Wonderland: Pirate Ships)
Energy Stone: 1 (Stealth Soldier) (Hollow Bastion: Entrance Hall)
Dark Matter: 14 (There are 11 locations in chests but the other three you have to synthesize yourself)
Orichalcum: 19 (Can buy in item shop for 5000 munny each)
Mystery Goo: 13 (White Mushrooms) (Deep Jungle: Camp)*
Gale: 4 (Invisible/Angel Star) (End Of The World: Linked Worlds)
Shiny Crystal: 3 (Wizard) (Hollow Bastion)
Thunder Gem: 15 (Screwdriver/Aquatank) (Atlantica)
Thunder Shard: 12 (Yellow Opera) (Traverse Town)
Spirit Gem: 7 (Air Soldier) (Traverse Town)
Spirit Shard: 13 (Soldier/Large Body) (Traverse Town)
Power Crystal: 3 (Wyvern) (Hollow Bastion)
Power Gem: 11 (Pirate/Air Pirate/Battleship) (Neverland)
Power Shard: 13 (Powerwild/Bouncywild) (Deep Jungle)
Lucid Crystal: 9 (Dark Ball) (Hollow Bastion)
Lucid Gem: 13 (Wight Knight/Gargoyle) (Halloween Town)
Lucid Shard: 19 (Shadow) (Anywhere except Atlantica)
Frost Gem: 10 (Sea Neon/Sheltering Zone) (Atlantica)
Frost Shard: 10 (Blue Rhapsody) (Traverse Town)
Bright Crystal: 4 (Defender) (Hollow Bastion)
Bright Gem: 8 (Search Ghost) (Halloween Town)
Bright Shard: 13 (Green Requiem) (Deep Jungle or Traverse Town)
Blaze Gem: 10 (Bandit/Fat Bandit) (Agrabah)
Blaze Shard: 12 (Red Nocturne) (Traverse Town)

*Mythril Stone: You're SUPPOSED to beat the Pot Scorpion to get the Mythril Stone but the Pot Scorpion is a real pain. You have to block his attacks to get him unconscious temporarily. But there is an easier way to get the Myhril Stone. When you go to the palace gates, sometimes you'll see a lot of pots lined up. Run into all the pots, the ones that move are safe to hit, the one that does NOT move is the Pot Scorpion. Once you hit the last of the hittable pots, you'll sometimes get a Mythril Stone. Make sure you have as many Lucky Strikes (3 max, one for Sora, Donald and Goofy) to increase your chances. Just hit all the hittable pots and you can get Mythril Stone without having to go through the pain of fighting the Pot Scorpion to get it.

* Mystery Goo: If the White Mushrooms don't appear in the camp, go 2 areas away from the camp (Bamboo Thicket, then Cliff then back) then return. These three White Mushrooms do the same three charade moves every time. If it's shivering, cast Fire, if it's fanning itself, cast blizzard and if it's lying on the ground, cast Cure. You can hotkey Fire, Blizzard and Cure to make this easier. Just target the White Mushroom and cast the spells, you might have to move so that Donald and Goofy are out of your line of vision to see what the White Mushroom is doing.
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix synthesis list
We ALL want to get the Ultima Weapon. So I've come up with a 100% accurate list.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
I know I've done a couple of these kinds of rants before but this is my deviantart and I'll post what I want on here. Don't like it? Unwatch me, I won't lose any sleep over it!

Fat shaming is a real problem not just in this country but, from what I've seen, all over the world too!
Did it ever occur to you fat shaming fuckwits that some of these bigger people are TRYING to fix it but can't? Some people have medical issues where they can't do anything about their weight no matter how hard they try. Your hate-filled bullshit isn't helping and is actually making it worse! There are people who are fat because they choose to be. Or because of a bad diet. Some people find themselves sexy with those bigger curves. I for one find bigger women irresistibly sexy. Whenever I'm around a big woman (bbw), it takes all of my mental and physical strength to keep my composure. There are dating sites dedicated to bigger men/women.

I find the bigger, fuller curves of a large woman sexy as hell! I think they are a better cuddle, and a better lay. Not only that but it's pretty much a fact of life that fuller curves are sexy. It is evolutionary my dear Watson!

So ladies, if you find yourself AT LEAST a LITTLE attractive as a bigger woman, take pride! There are guys out there for you who find you so goddamn sexy! I'm one of them, just look at my favorites as proof.
If you want to lose weight, do it for your own sake, not because of some guy you like or for some superficial reason.
Remember ladies: your TRUE beauty lies within your personality, your outward appearance is just a side dish!

Take pride in who you are as you are beautiful no matter what anyone says!
A rant on bbws
If you don't like me doing this kind of stuff, unwatch me, this is my deviantart and I'll post what I want on here!


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