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11. boogie2988:
This is a gamer channel where boogie talks a lot about gaming and life issues and things. He also has a character called Francis that he uses when he wants to rage. Very funny and an excellent source of variety and content on his channel, I HIGHLY recommend you check him out!

10. Alphaomegasin:
Another gaming channel. Same as the previous entry, he has videos where he rages and videos that are about games. A very cool youtuber and easily one of my favorites. I think you should check out some of his videos when you get the chance.

9. Foamy The Squirrel: This is a web toon that is pretty much done by only one guy names Johnathan Ian Mathers. It's about a squirrel (a funny one) who hates humanity yet tries to enlighten it with his squirrelly wisdom. Boobs and funny squirrels will keep you entertained all day long. PLEASE check this squirrel out!

8. PM Rants:
One of my favorite ranters. PM Rants is a very sensible and reasonable ranter. He makes his videos in a funny way and collabs with a lot of other youtubers. This guy does funny rants.

7. Jaclyn Glenn:
An atheist YouTuber. Honestly, I have a hard time not watching her videos because her videos are all done with common sense. She'll occasionally make fun of the dumber religious people (not ALL religious people). Even if you're not an atheist, give her channel a little look-see!

6. TheAmazingAtheist:
Despite the name of his channel, atheism is not the only thing he talks about. He also talks about government, pop culture, philosophy art and a number of other things. He's funny as hell and his videos are all enjoyable because his channel is not focused on a single topic. He's extremely intelligent as well! Even if you are religious, check him out! You won't regret it!

5. AngryJoeShow:
Another gaming channel. He does reviews of games and movies as well as does let's plays. HOWEVER, he goes about it in a HILARIOUS way. He dresses up in costume for a lot of his reviews and he keeps you entertained. Not only this but he picks apart bad games and why they are bad and helps you better make your gaming decisions. If you have a YouTube account and you play games, even casually, this guy is a MUST subscribe!

4. AngryGrandpa:
This guy flips out so easily and destroys everything in sight. It is so funny watching him blow his top and lose his cool. Unfortunately his sone and his girlfriend keep replacing the stuff he destroys. You will find yourself strangely addicted to his videos like I was.

3. OfficialGATG:
Easily one of my favorite ranters (I only have a few). This guy has so much common sense in his rants he may as well be crapping common sense. He tears down crappy "bands" like Blood On The Dance Floor or celebrities or government officials. His videos are addicting and are a wide variety. PLEASE check this guy out!

2. Armoured Skeptic:
This dude is funny as hell! I laugh more with this guys videos than anybody else's. One of the most intelligent and sensible ranters (I think) on this site. He is an atheist and tears down as well as deconstructs the arguments layed out by incredibly stupid theists (again, not ALL theists are stupid, just the ones he picks apart). Again, even if you're a thesit and you believe in god, he's definitely worth checking out, especially if you want to laugh in the process. (Part 1) (Part 2)

1. Someguy827:
Out of all YouTubers on this list, I watch someguy827 more than any other. I watch his videos almost religiously. In fact, I even showed his videos to a very dear friend of mine on here (I won't say their name but they know who they are) and my friend has become addicted to his vidoes (as have I). Someguy827 is brash, ballsy and isn't afraid to speak his mind. He calls out people on their b.s. and tells them straight. He is incredibly sensible and has some of the best rage videos I've ever seen (even more than angrygrandpa). This is mainly due to the fact he rages but unlike AngryGrandpa, actually controls himself WAY better. If you have a YouTube, out of all the YouTubers on this list, I cannot urge you enough to check this guy out. You won't regret it! Easily my top favorite YouTuber and ranter!
My top 11 favorite Youtubers
These are my favorite YouTubers of all time!
There are a lot of misconceptions and preconceived notions about us Americans that aren't too flattering. So I thought it would be a good idea to let people from OTHER countries ask us Americans some questions. So if you DON'T live in America, feel free to ask us what's on your mind. If you live in America, feel free to answer to the best of your knowledge!
Let's have fun with this! :)
Ask an American
This is an online experiment that I think can be fun.
There is a website called and it's for us otakus! The website has everything an otaku could want. How to read and write in Japanese, how to cook Japanese food, how to draw manga, and of course anime and manga of all kinds. The price for the things sold on this site are MUCH cheaper than on amazon! Plus, THERE IS NO SALES TAX! Unless you live in Iowa (USA). The ONLY annoying thing about the site is, if you use a credit/debit card, you have to reenter the number on your card for every item you purchase. This is so your identity is protected. Rightstuf does not keep your card number on file so that way if someone hacks the site, they won't get anything from it. That's why you have to reenter your card number for every item you purchase. I've done plenty of business with them and I can say that they are legit and completely trustworthy!

What are you waiting for!/ Check out today!
This is an amazing site and I'm a frequent buyer!


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